How to Tame a Frizzy Beard

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How to Tame a Frizzy Beard

Are you always trying to work your beard, but the longer it gets, the more the hair goes in the weirdest direction? Are you constantly wondering if this is the way in which natural facial hair is supposed to grow?

Nature has its way and there are guys out there that don’t have the slightest idea what we’re talking about. They are the lucky ones that have perfect breads as nature wants it that way, but we tend to think that it’s not the case for most of us.

Whatever you may think, it takes years of practice to get the perfect beard and it’s not an easy job to learn how to tame your frizzy beard. Putting a unruly beard under control does require patience and constant use of a good beard trimmer, but there are also some tips you’d need to follow in order to get good results.

How to do it

Try to see the nuance in this one: don’t wash daily your beard. Maybe your lady is gonna say something, but don’t do it anyway. We all see how even the supermodels have a bit of greasy hair as they don’t wash it daily. When you wash your beard daily, the beard gets wiry as you do get rid of the natural oil that would have helped you work your beard. Don’t misunderstand us: don’t wash it daily, but do wash it from time to time, as you do want to look and smell good just as well.

beard maintenance

Growing a beard does request some time and patience from you and we all hate the two weeks that you need to wait until your beard really looks like a beard. Some transition periods are also quite natural and you just have to patiently wait, hoping that they will work on themselves. Maybe this isn’t the best solution, but it certainly doesn’t require any effort from you.

A longer hair should add more weight to your beard, but in some cases, this isn’t enough. The hair still lays flat and you may use a regular hair conditioner once a week so you can obtain some control over the hair. Even though you may find beard conditioners out there, some use successfully a hair conditioner that really does an amazing job on your beard.

Now that we’re here, have you ever tried soap on your beard? We all know that washing your beard strips the beard out of all the oils and soap is a definite “no” when it comes to that. The good part about using soap though is that the entire beard gets bushier and helps any patch blend in. this method may look extreme to some (especially if you only have one or two patches on your beard), but it’s a great way when everything else has failed. Not having a bushy beard is far more important, right?

Did it ever happen to you to wash your beard and…see a total mess afterwards? Don’t hesitate to comb the beard in the complete wrong direction and let it air dry. It may look weird so it’s best to remain subtle for a while and you should comb the beard the right way the moment it’s all dry. You may use a damp hand to smooth it out a bit. The beard may look a tad bigger than typically, but the beard is gonna know “who’s the man”:).

It’s very common to have portions of the beard growing in weird directions and it’s essential to put them under control. It may sound and look funny for many, but don’t be shy and get a black, plastic comb (steal it from your grandpa) and run the fine end of the beard. You may want to do this for 15 minutes daily to really put the bulk under control.

When not all of the above worked at all for your beard, you simply have to prune the unruly hairs and go with the extreme measures. Grey hairs seem to be some big troublemakers and it’s quite mission impossible to put them in line. This may seem a painful thing to try, but have you considered get a different style? There are plenty of beard styles that you may try and maybe this one simply doesn’t do it for you. No matter how much you like it or how much you’re struggling.


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