Using A Hair Texturizer Vs. A Hair Relaxer And The Damage They Can Cause

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People with Black, or African American, hair often struggle in order to get the styles they desire because their hair is sometimes too frizzy. They also have problems with dryness, making their hair more frizzy and uncontrollable. Then they attempt to straighten it with hot irons and hair straighteners which can damage the hair and make it even more dry and unmanageable. There are a number of types of treatments which can be used, however, that help the hair become more healthy while making it easier to handle.

From Shaving The Head To Going With Jeri Curls, Everything Is In Style Now

The great thing about the new millennium is that nearly all the styles of the past and those of the future, are all acceptable now. You can have your bald head, flat top, Jeri curls, or what have you, if you take good care of your hair, you’ll look fine. On the other hand, if you let your hair go, don’t condition it regularly, then you’ll end up with a massive mess of frizz that won’t do anything.

Being clean cut and well groomed now goes with having nice clothes and a good car. If you look at the top music stars they all strive to have a unique hair style, clean and nice clothes, and a lifestyle that matches. You’ll never see the frizzies, though, they’ve all been taking good care of their hair (even the shaved heads are perfectly smooth too).

Using A Hair Texturizer Vs A Relaxer

When you have afro type hair, one of the ways to get it straightened is by using relaxer chemicals. These can be quite harsh on the hair and scalp, so they can’t be used to much or the hair and follicles can be damaged. Then you’ll be stuck with using weave-in hair, which can be high maintenance, and limits your styles.

When you use a hair texturizer you get a half-way look, it still has lots of the natural curl left, but it’s also much more relaxed and far less frizzy. Texturizers are made to only be left on the hair for a short time, then removed so that the hair has a nice, soft, loose pattern of curls, but isn’t totally straight.

The Problem With Most Texturizers Is They Are Harsh Too

Even though the package may boast great natural ingredients, the actual chemical that does the job is similar to drain cleaner. It’s not good for your hair or scalp at all. The biggest difference between relaxers and texturizers is mostly the time left in the hair and the concentration of the chemicals involved.

The chemicals do their job, however, and the hair will be permanently straighter until you grow it back out. But, if you leave it in too long, or use a poor quality product, you could end up with split ends and burnt dry hair.

The bottom line when using these products is to always buy top quality so you don’t get overly harsh chemicals and follow the instructions to the letter. Never think that leaving it in for a long time will be better, you could burn your scalp too, in addition to you hair. Talking to an experienced hair stylist before you proceed is a great idea as they will know which products have worked best for their customers.